Country Studies

Country Studies

EUEI PDF works with national governments and organisations that are active in the energy sector. Together we formulate successful policies and strategies to increase access to energy. Country studies include e.g. sustainable use of energy, capacity-building and energy policy support.

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Country | Partner | Study
Cameroon Cross-Sectoral Cooperation for Improved Energy and Development Planning Completed EUEI PDF
Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Rwanda Completed EUEI PDF
Democratic Republic of the Congo CATE/MoE Energy Policy Support to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Completed EUEI PDF
Ethiopia Ministry of Mines and Energy Capacity-building for Off-Grid Rural Electrification Planning Completed EUEI PDF
Burundi Ministry of Energy and Mines Energy Strategy and Action Plan Completed EUEI PDF
Zambia Zambian Ministry of Energy and Water Development Integrating Access to Energy into the National Development Plan Completed EUEI PDF
Lesotho Ministry of Natural Resources Household Energy Access Strategy Completed EUEI PDF
Swaziland MoNRE Development of a National Energy Policy Implementation Strategy Completed EUEI PDF
Malawi Department of Energy Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Malawi Completed EUEI PDF
Angola Strategy for the Introduction of Renewable Energy Technologies Completed EUEI PDF
Dominican Republic/ Haiti Strategy for the Use of Plant Oil in Rural Areas Completed EUEI PDF
Uganda Ministry of Local Government Capacity Building in the field of Energy within Local Government Completed EUEI PDF
Rwanda Government of Rwanda Update of the National Energy Policy and the Associated Implementation Plan Completed EUEI PDF
Ghana GIS-based Support for Implementing Policies for Increased Access to Energy Completed EUEI PDF
Gambia MoE Development of an Electricity Strategy and Renewable Energy Law Completed RECP
Liberia Development of a Cooking Energy Programme Completed EUEI PDF
Mozambique Ministry of Energy Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Mozambique Completed EUEI PDF
Tanzania Ministry of Finance Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Tanzania Ongoing EUEI PDF
Cameroon MINEE Development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy and Plan Completed EUEI PDF
Uganda Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) Sustainable Energy For All - Technical Assistance Mission (SE4ALL TAM) Completed EUEI PDF
Myanmar Government of Myanmar Energy Sector Analysis (Scoping Mission) Completed EUEI PDF
Djibouti MERN Development of a legal framework and strategy for the electricity sector in Djibouti Ongoing RECP
Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity Technical Assistance for the Creation of a National Rural Energy Services Agency Ongoing
Senegal Government of the Republic of Senegal Development of a Tariff Structure for Renewable Energy Ongoing RECP
Cambodia Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy Development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy Completed EUEI PDF
Ethiopia Ministry of Water and Energy Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Ethiopia Completed EUEI PDF
Kenya Ministry of Energy Renewable Energy Regulatory Capacity Development Ongoing RECP
Sierra Leone Ministry of Energy and Water Resources Household Cooking Energy Plan Completed RECP
Belize Development of a Renewable Energy Strategy (Scoping Mission) Completed EUEI PDF
Republic of Guinea Bureau d’Électrification Rurale Décentralisée (BERD) Guinea: Institutional support for setting up a Rural Electrification Agency Ongoing EUEI PDF