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Monitoring Progress of the AEEP 2020 Targets


Monitoring Progress of the AEEP 2020 Targets

Monitoring Progress of the AEEP 2020 Targets

Since its inception, the AEEP has understood the mutual need for sustainable energy sectors that provide access to millions of consumers, while ensuring energy security across continents.  Concrete, measurable results are required to monitor how these needs are being met. Tracking the progress of the AEEP, and of the wider performance of the partners’ energy sectors, is thus of central importance.

To achieve the outlined objectives by 2020, a series of concrete, realistic and measurable political targets (the 2020 Targets) was agreed by EU and African ministers at the AEEP’s First High Level Meeting in 2010 in Vienna.

AEEP 2020 Targets

Initial achievements as well as proposed continued actions towards achieving the 2020 Targets were published in 2014 as part of the AEEP Status Report. The report depicts progress against set benchmarks for energy access, energy security, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Through continuous development of methodologies and institutional structures for data collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination, the AEEP Secretariat supports the monitoring process towards achievement of the 2020 Targets.

The AEEP Secretariat works with stakeholders and institutions such as IEA, REN21, IRENA and SE4All to improve existing data bases and facilitate monitoring processes

For information on how progress on meeting the targets is tracked, please refer to the AEEP Status Report below.


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