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AEEP Status Report

AEEP Status Report




16 May, 2016


The Africa-EU Energy Partnership took an early lead in setting out targets that could measure progress in increasing levels of energy access, energy efficiency and energy security. Following work by the AEEP Secretariat in consultation with stakeholders, the AEEP’s 2020 Political Targets were announced at the AEEP’s First High Level Meeting in Vienna, Austria in 2010.

Progress towards the 2020 Political Targets has been monitored in a series of Status Reports, the key tool for tracking achievements and challenges designed to inform decision-makers and other stakeholders. An initial, comprehensive baseline study, Monitoring Progress under the AEEP, was launched at the Partnership’s First Stakeholder Forum in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012.

The First AEEP Status Report was published to coincide with the Second High Level Meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2014. This operationalised the AEEP Monitoring Tool – a power project database then containing more than 3,250 generation projects, along with details of transmission lines, cross-border connections and export markets.

A 50-page Status Report Update was launched at the AEEP’s Second Stakeholder Forum, held in Milan, Italy in May 2016, followed by the latest version in the sidelines of the 5th AU-EU Summit in November 2017.

The latest Status Report Update 2017–18 shows that some of the Political Targets will be exceeded before or by 2020, while others have fallen short. In some sectors, like the installation of solar and hydroelectric power, the targets will be spectacularly exceeded. In others, the slow pace of project implementation in much of the last decade has held up development.

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