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Partnership Processes and Governance


Partnership Processes and Governance

Partnership Processes and Governance

To enable smooth steering of the partnership in performing its core functions, the EUEI PDF provides the necessary day-to-day secretariat services with the aim of enhancing the processes and governance of the partnership.

A core element of the coordination and management function of the Secretariat entails the provision of advisory services and direct support to the Steering Group (SG) and other AEEP stakeholders as per the agreed operational and governance structure.

In addition, coordination with other actors who play a significant role in global energy development plays a central part in improving the work of the partnership. The AEEP will also continuously search for and mobilise new cooperation partners.

The AEEP Secretariat also provides the African partners with additional capacities, and advises on means to strengthen the role of regional energy organisations in supporting the active exchange of skills and best practice between African Energy Centres and other related African entities, allowing efficient implementation of this strong partnership.

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