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Policy Dialogue and Stakeholder Engagement


Policy Dialogue and Stakeholder Engagement

Policy Dialogue and Stakeholder Engagement

Structured and strategic dialogue remains the cornerstone of the partnership. Active involvement of partners and stakeholders across the board is a crucial factor in order to achieve added value and tangible results. In this context, the Secretariat has established a functional mechanism to involve a wide range of stakeholders in policy and business dialogue forums.

Using this approach, the partnership facilitates exchange of experience, best practice and lessons learned between African and European stakeholders.

In dialogue meetings, specific priority is given to increasing private sector mobilisation (e.g. via targeted business forums), as well as inclusion of other non-state actors, such as academia and civil society. The meetings also strongly support the AEEP in reiterating the importance of the energy-food-water nexus.

In general, the objective of stakeholder dialogues lies in facilitating private sector engagement, enhancing public-private partnerships and establishing an enabling business environment, which are all key to achieving the Africa-EU energy targets.

AEEP Milestones (Forums):

Moreover, as a means to raise awareness, mobilise stakeholders, improve coordination and facilitate Africa-EU dialogue, the Secretariat constantly works to increase the visibility and communication of actions taken by the AEEP stakeholders to attain progress toward the 2020 Targets.

The AEEP organises three types of events:

  • High Level Meetings - Meetings with over 400 European and African Ministers and non-state leaders from several different countries discussing how the AEEP targets can be achieved and its progress monitored.
  • The Stakeholder Forum - A platform that hosts African and European Ministers, AU and EU Commissioners and more than 300 other high-level participants representing policy-makers, regional institutions, international organisations, the banking & finance industry, the private sector, academia, the civil society and the media. Objectives and focus topics vary - information on the Second Stakeholder Forum can be found here.
  • National Energy Business Dialogues - These are organised at national level and aim to address  a variety of issues such as legal and political framework for business actions, financial mechanisms for facilitating investment in renewable energy projects and involvement of SMEs.

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