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AEEP Energy Stakeholder Dialogue on Productive Use of Energy Ghana

AEEP Energy Stakeholder Dialogue on Productive Use of Energy Ghana




12 December, 2013




West Africa


The SE4All Action Plan for Ghana is being developed by the Energy Commission of Ghana with the support of UNDP. It is prioritising the acceleration of sustainable access to clean modern energy for households and the field of productive use of energy (PUE). According to the Ghana SE4All Action Plan, increasing productive uses of energy (PUE) is regarded as a major challenge to be addressed if sustainable demand with pro-poor outcomes is to be generated. Effective access to energy by the poor is often hampered by weak purchasing power. The SE4ALL Action Plan proposes two sets of activities: (i) the development and promotion of small-scale productive opportunities for value-addition in communities, and (ii) the use of mechanical power to enhance agricultural production and agro-processing. Through promotion and implementation of PUE in Ghana, the impact of the advanced electrification in Ghana (with a national coverage of 72% in 2011) will be improved and access in the newly electrified areas will become more sustainable.

EUEI PDF organised a PUE workshop in Ghana to:

  • share knowledge and experience with the promotion and implementation of PUE in Ghana
  • discuss critical success factors for PUE implementation in Ghana
  • discuss recommendations and tools to improve the policy and regulatory framework for PUE
  • develop concrete recommendations for the implementation of the PUE chapter of the National SE4All Action Plan.

More than 60 participants from Ghana and the West African region attended the workshop, including a number of participants from the energy and from the agriculture sector as well as public servants, agro-processors and farmers. A number of development partners were represented, including the EU Delegation in Ghana, American embassy and GIZ.

The participants called for action from the government to take a more active role in PUE promotion. One of the recommendations was that the EC should spearhead the implementation of PUE promotion, working closely with all relevant stakeholders incl. MOFA, GIDA, district assemblies etc.

One immediate outcome from the forum was a commitment by the Ministry of Energy in Ghana announcing they will commence the exercise to translate some of the PUE elements of the SE4All action plan into concrete projects. These could go into the Investment Prospectus which is under preparation by the EC with support from the US government.



  • Energy Access
  • Energy Efficiency

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