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Energy Efficiency, an essential driver for urban development in Africa - Side Event at the VEF15

Energy Efficiency, an essential driver for urban development in Africa - Side Event at the VEF15

Energy use in cities




19 June, 2015




Africa is facing one of the fastest rates of urbanisation in the world, with sub-Saharan Africa leading the way. Urban density offers a high impact opportunity to reduce emissions through more efficient infrastructure and planning and to promote energy efficiency development policies. Provision of access to (urban) modern energy services is of utmost importance to Africa, and energy efficiency should be considered as a cornerstone of any policy in this regard.

In order to effectively promote energy efficiency, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership, in cooperation with the European Commission DG DEVCO and DG ENER, organizined a side-event at the Vienna Energy Forum 2015 entitled “Energy Efficiency, an essential driver for urban development in Africa”, taking place on June 19th, 2015 at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. Occurring only a few months before the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York and the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris, the event offered the opportunity topresent and discuss viable and scalable energy efficiency policies that can and ensure a more sustained provision of energy and contribute to sustainable development in Africa.

The session presented and discussed the current status of energy efficiency initiatives in Europe and Africa, in order to identify viable options that are applicable and scalable for African urban development. It brought together experienced practitioners with policymakers and financiers. Furthermore, the session contributed to mapping stakeholders in energy efficiency, and provided valuable inputs in terms of monitoring and mapping progress on energy efficiency. Moreover, it supported the development of the AEEP work stream on energy efficiency.

For the event's presentation as well as the summary and conlcusions please refer to the right.

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