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EU and Africa: the Role of Renewables in Energy Security

EU and Africa: the Role of Renewables in Energy Security

Renewables for Energy Security




6 October, 2015


South Africa


Southern Africa


This jointly organised session, coordinated and hosted by the EC, the AUC and the AEEP Secretariat brought together high-level stakeholders from Africa, Europe and beyond. The discussion focused on the greater integration of renewables into energy security planning and policy at both the conceptual and practical levels. One of the priorities was to emphasise the unique value renewables can play in African and other developing nations’ energy systems by looking to the European experience underway of a renewable energy transition and the implications for energy security.

Africa, on the one hand, strives to grow markets and resources that allow for development of innovative and efficient energy solutions, and looks for solutions and partnerships to improve its energy security, whilst bolstering clean energy access. Europe, on the other hand, is well equipped to provide technologies and expertise, share best practices, facilitate investment, and support enhancement of policy frameworks and institutional building. Europe is also looking to further expand into new energy markets. As such, there is considerable scope and value to discuss the key role renewables play and how their part in the overall energy mix could be considerably increased to help ensure energy security for both continents.

Detailed Programme:

13:00 Introduction and opening remarks

13:10 The African commitment to renewables and EU cooperation

13:25 The European transition towards a green economy & implications for energy security

13:40 The rationale for and potential of renewables in Africa

13:55 How to integrate renewables into energy security planning and policy

14:10 Turning policy into reality: Success stories and how to best attract private operators and investors

14:25 Private sector experiences in African renewable energy markets

14:25 Q&A

14:30 End of session – Closing Remarks

List of speakers:

  • High-level policy makers:

    • Representative from the African Union Commission

    • Representative from the European Commission

  • Senior representatives from international organizations:

    • International Energy Association

    • World Bank

  • Key private sector stakeholders:

    • Alliance for Rural Electrification

    • Private Sector Renewable Energy Company Representative




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  • Energy Security
  • Renewable Energy

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