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Enabling Enterprise Development: A Selection of Best Practices in Harnessing Distributed Energy for Productive Uses

Enabling Enterprise Development: A Selection of Best Practices in Harnessing Distributed Energy for Productive Uses




17 January, 2017


Central Africa

East Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa


The United Nations Foundation's Energy Access Practitioner Network, in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center and the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), will kick off a new Practitioner Network webinar series to share best practices in different geographic and thematic contexts.

This first webinar will explore the role of distributed energy solutions in enabling and promoting enterprise development in sub-Saharan Africa via a recently launched publication compiled by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership, AEEP Energy Access Best Practices 2016. The publication draws on experiences from the private and public sectors, as well as civil society, to showcase a selection of the latest innovative renewable energy projects in Africa. The report includes projects that utilise different technologies and approaches in diverse geographical locations, and the webinar will provide a platform to explore three of these case studies looking specifically at the productive uses of energy and energy access as an enabler for enterprise development. Each speaker in this session will showcase their respective organisation's experience, with particular attention to:

  • unique local energy access challenges faced by the community;
  • opportunities to harness distributed clean energy for productive uses in the given context;
  • renewable energy solutions and the project outcomes.

The webinar aims to support and incentivise decision-makers to continue improving framework conditions for the implementation of business models based on renewable energy solutions. It also intends to enable project developers and financiers to further boost the quality and quantity of rural electrification projects that increase communities' productivity, expand their range of enterprises, and do so in a sustainable manner that is beneficial to people and the environment alike.

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