The EUEI PDF programme has officially ended

As of the 31st of March 2018, the EUEI PDF programme has officially ended and a new programme (the Global Energy Transformation Programme started.

Information about the EUEI PDF and its publications will remain available on this website till September 2021, but will no longer be updated. We thank our donors and partners for more than 13 years of successful cooperation.

EUEI PDF Steering Committee members convene in Brussels

Thursday, July 6, 2017

EUEI PDF Steering Committee members convene in Brussels

On 29 June 2017, the members of the EUEI PDF Steering Committee met in Brussels to discuss the results of the past year and the future set-up of the EUEI PDF. The high number of attending donor representatives reflected the importance of the meeting: with the end of the programme phase approaching in March 2018, this year’s Steering Committee meeting served as an important cornerstone on the road to a new funding phase.
Members of the EUEI PDF Steering Committee at work

Before discussing their vision of the future EUEI PDF, the participants looked back at the results of the past implementation year and beyond. Information was ample, with external consultants participating to share results from the recent mid-term review of the programme and a study exploring the outcomes of the EUEI PDF’s activities in the past 13 years.

Daniel Werner, programme manager of the EUEI PDF, reported about a successful implementation period from April 2016 to March 2017 with the achievement of the objectives of each EUEI PDF Service Line well on track (see graph below). This positive picture was reinforced by the results of the mid-term review of the programme conducted along the OECD DAC criteria, which rated the EUEI PDF’s services as highly relevant and of good quality. The reviewers encouraged the EUEI PDF to stay at the forefront of innovation and promote emerging topics in sustainable energy and climate change, while reducing the overall complexity of the programme and creating a leaner management structure.

Overview on indicator achievement of the four EUEI PDF Service Lines until March 2017


The Results Report, commissioned by the EUEI PDF to define outcomes and impacts of projects from 2004 to 2015, found that 80% of the EUEI PDF projects were rated as at least satisfactory, with 18% of them exceeding expectations. Only one fifth of projects were found to be unsatisfactory; a percentage in line with success ratings of similar programmes. The long timeframe of observation allowed to identify consistent improvement of products and services over the past programme phases, which reflects learning effects over time from external evaluations.

On the basis of these inputs, the participants of the Steering Committee meeting discussed visions for a new funding phase for the EUEI PDF. The new set-up is expected to take on shape around October and might include a change of name…Follow our news section to learn more in the upcoming weeks.