The EUEI PDF programme has officially ended

As of the 31st of March 2018, the EUEI PDF programme has officially ended and a new programme (the Global Energy Transformation Programme started.

Information about the EUEI PDF and its publications will remain available on this website till September 2021, but will no longer be updated. We thank our donors and partners for more than 13 years of successful cooperation.

EUEI PDF transitions into

Monday, April 2, 2018

EUEI PDF transitions into

Changed paradigms call for new approaches:

In 2004, the European Commission and several EU member states set up the EUEI PDF to support the European Union in coordinating and implementing energy development cooperation. Over the years, the EUEI PDF grew along with the needs of its founders, branching out into energy strategy and policy advisory work, helping to strengthen the Africa-EU Energy Partnership through secretarial work, implementing the Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), and supporting donor coordination in the framework of the EU Energy Initiative.

The past years have also seen energy rise up the political agenda, leading to new initiatives and international paradigms such as a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal for energy (SDG7) and the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, with the end of the EUEI PDF’s third programme phase, and in light of the changed landscape in energy development cooperation, the moment has come to reflect on the needs for a global energy transformation.

As a result, the donors behind the EUEI PDF, together with the team, have developed the Global Energy Transformation Programme - Following the official end of the EUEI PDF on the 31st of March 2018, the programme will gradually shift into, which will officially be launched in the second half of 2018. As a European multi-donor platform, will deliver on international energy and climate targets by mobilising private investments in renewable energy and supporting partner regions and countries in advancing their energy transition.

The EUEI PDF thanks its donors and partners for more than 13 years of energy development cooperation in over 35 developing countries, and looks forward to continuing the successful collaboration in the framework of All information and publication material will remain available on the EUEI PDF website.

Despite the end of the EUEI PDF, the initiatives supported by the programme, such as the Africa-EU Energy Partnership, the RECP (now GET.invest) and the EU Energy Initiative, will all remain active. To receive news about the work of these initiatives and programmes in the future, please revert to the respective websites linked above.

To learn more about, go to: 

GET.invest (formerly known as RECP) can be reached at: