The EUEI PDF programme has officially ended

As of the 31st of March 2018, the EUEI PDF programme has officially ended and a new programme (the Global Energy Transformation Programme started.

Information about the EUEI PDF and its publications will remain available on this website till September 2021, but will no longer be updated. We thank our donors and partners for more than 13 years of successful cooperation.

EUEI PDF's Work on Gender

EUEI PDF's Work on Gender

Gender equality and inclusion is a core principle across all of the EUEI PDF’s activities.

The EUEI PDF recognises the full potential of women as agents of change in a broad energy sector through:

  • Active integration of women into advisory and decision-making processes and governance structures at national and regional level
  • Consideration of the specific role of women in energy access services by particularly focusing on those that primarily affect women e.g. household cooking, heating, post-harvest processing, and household productive activities.
  • Inclusion of women in capacity building and training activities, especially in areas where women have been underrepresented in the past e.g. producing, marketing and repairing solar home systems.

In close collaboration with Energia, the EUEI PDF compiled a set of tools for the active inclusion of women in energy and development projects. Also in this cooperation, the EUEI PDF developed Gender Briefing Notes highlighting the relationship between gender issues and energy topics for its staff and partners. In project development, implementation and support activities, EUEI PDF project managers apply these tools to ensure equal benefits for men and women as well as a gender sensitive approach in all project phases.

Based on experience, specific gender tools have been designed for projects related to biomass energy strategy, renewable energy policy and rural electrification agencies.

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