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Information Sharing, Analysis and Visibility


Information Sharing, Analysis and Visibility

Information Sharing, Analysis and Visibility

The foundation of enhanced coordination is effective information exchange. To this end, the EUEI gathers and collates information on relevant developments at national, regional and international level which can inform activities by member states and at the EU level. It also serves as a repository of institutional knowledge and of networks, activities and contacts which helps stakeholders build partnerships and undertake shared efforts.

The EUEI can be called upon by members of the EU Energy Initiative to explore new topics and linkages, and to ensure that the EU’s international contributions in the energy field are positioned and communicated effectively.

As the energy in development agenda expands to include new dimensions, the EUEI maintains a forward-looking approach to the sector. With detailed experience in thematic research, the team delivers outcomes valuable to the EU and member states in research, monitoring, analysis and the strategic positioning of initiatives and actors relevant to energy development cooperation.

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