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Policy Dialogue and Coordination


Policy Dialogue and Coordination

Policy Dialogue and Coordination

As a platform for dialogue and partnerships, the EUEI facilitates policy dialogue – not only in developing countries, but also at the EU level.

With its expertise, historical knowledge and extensive networks, the EUEI PDF serves as a port of call for governments and stakeholders seeking policy advice, best practices and lessons learnt. It also proactively organises workshops, seminars and interactive events to spur dialogue and policy innovation.  

By providing information on new and planned developments in international processes and discourse on sustainable energy - whilst at the same time being in contact with a multitude of stakeholders - the EUEI enables coordination between actors.

Linking the right partners to each other allows for greater impact and effectiveness, and increased efficiency, which is also in the direct interests of the partners themselves. Identifying entry points and value-addition for EU Member States and new stakeholders is also a priority of this service area.

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