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Joint EUEI and TAF Study on Employment Effects of Renewable Energy Investments

Joint EUEI and TAF Study on Employment Effects of Renewable Energy Investments




1 October, 2017 to 31 March, 2018


Central Africa

East Africa



Southern Africa

West Africa


EUEI Support has teamed up with the European Commission’s Technical Support Facility (TAF) to analyse the employment effects of investments in renewable energy. A number of activities are taking place, all of which aim to support decision-makers in the European Commission and the EU member states working on energy development cooperation.  

The work is taking place in the run-up to the 5th AU-EU Summit, to be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, at the end of November 2017, and which will focus on investing in the youth for a sustainable future. The strong direct employment effects of renewable energy have long been recognised, but have seldom been systematically monitored in the context of energy development cooperation.

In a first step, EUEI Support has drawn up a policy brief for members of the EUEI Advisory Board. It outlines the methodological challenges in measuring employment effects and the opportunities which renewable energy investment offers for job creation. Additionally, it highlights a number of very concrete steps decision-makers can take to advance work in this emerging and important field.

This qualitative, policy-orientated analysis is augmented by a comprehensive quantitative study being conducted by the TAF. At the heart of the study is a model being developed called the retrospective energy jobs analysis (REJA) model. The model seeks to determine how many jobs were created in selected previous energy projects funded by the EU, and to ascertain how many potential jobs can be created per Euro/kW of investment. This and EUEI Support’s policy brief were recently presented by the team at the Africa Talks Jobs Continental Dialogue, held in Addis Ababa, which also offered an opportunity to exchange with others working in this field.  

This work will be rounded off by a consultation, conducted by EUEI support, with European member states, development agencies and development finance institutions, and leading experts. This is scheduled to take place in Brussels in late January 2018.

Anyone interested in participating in the consultation or in leading more about this work is invited to contact the EUEI Support team

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