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EUEI Advisory Board Meeting, March 2017

EUEI Advisory Board Meeting, March 2017




13 March, 2017






On Monday, 13 March, members of the EU Energy Initiative (EUEI) convened their first meeting of 2017 in Brussels. Representatives of the European Commission and other European institutions, as well as EU member states, met to coordinate their activities and positions for a number of upcoming events in the field of energy development cooperation, and exchanged information on current activities and initiatives.

The European Commission reported back on the recent technical and Board meetings of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), held in Conakry from 2 to 4 March 2017. There 19 initial projects for the AREI pipeline were agreed, representing nearly 1.8 GW of capacity. More projects will be developed in-line with AREI objectives as the initiative furthers its operationalisation.

With the SEforALL Forum scheduled for 3 to 5 April, EUEI members used the March meeting to inform each other about their activities at the event, to align messages on European energy development cooperation, and to support one other’s work. Further, activities for the EUEI at the forthcoming Vienna Energy Forum were also presented, and initial information was exchanged with a view to the European Development Days.

A new initiative planned on renewable energy research in Africa was also presented, linking up DG Research and Innovation’s Horizon2020 programme with other efforts in this field. DG DEVCO also updated member states on their programmes and initiatives, before learning about new strategies and action from amongst the member states. 

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