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Relaunch of the EUEI - Advisory Board Meeting, September 2015

Relaunch of the EUEI - Advisory Board Meeting, September 2015




7 September, 2015






To mark the recent relaunch of the EU Energy Initiative (EUEI), the European Commission convened the first meeting of the EUEI Advisory Board on Monday, 7 September. In attendance were representatives of more than half of the member states, implementing agencies and European financing institutions, as well as of relevant Commission Directorates and services. 

To support the work and future development of the revitalised EUEI, the European Commission will also draw on the expertise of the EUEI Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF). A new service line within the EUEI PDF, named EUEI Support, has been created to provide dedicated policy advice and support to the EUEI Secretariat, maintained by DG DEVCO. 

Chairing the meeting, Deputy-Director General Klaus Rudischhauser welcomed participants and outlined the aims and activities of the relaunched EUEI. The forthcoming UN climate negotiations in Paris was high on the agenda, and member states, the AEEP and the European Commission all reported on milestone events and processes leading up to COP21. Flagship initiatives and concrete activities were also presented, and opportunities for collaboration discussed. Among them the involvement of member states in ElectriFI, the Joint Declarations to be signed with development partners in Paris, and the expansion of the very successful Covenant of Mayors to sub-Saharan Africa. 

Rounding off the meeting, Director Roberto Ridolfi reiterated the value of the EUEI as a forum for regular exchange and strengthened coordination between the European Commission and member states in their development cooperation activities. This was seconded by those present, who welcomed the opportunity to work together, identify synergies and further maximise the impact of their work. They also looked forward to drawing on the expertise available via the new EUEI Support Service Line.



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