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Vocational Training for Renewable Energy

Vocational Training for Renewable Energy

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1 April, 2013 to 30 June, 2014


Skills to be developed for the renewable energy sector need to cover a range of different aspects of the value chain of renewable energy projects, depending on the choice of technology. The required skills vary greatly from sector to sector and country to country, as do the level of training and education in different African countries, its provision through public and private institutions, and the quality and intensity of teaching.

The thematic study develops further the Action Area 4: Technology, Innovation, and Capacity Development of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), specifically its sub-component on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The study has a two-fold nature: On the one hand, the consultant had developed a conceptual framework and strategic approach for vocational training activities in Africa under the RECP. On the other, the consultant developed a concrete work plan for activities, implemented by the EUEI PDF, including for one specific project in a country.

Findings highlight the complexity of TVET for renewable energy, with two diverse, often immature sectors coming together. Important in designing support interventions for renewable energy skills development on the vocational level, is the establishment of a broad consensus through dialogue between the various actors, incl. Ministries of Energy, Labour, Education, Industry and Trade, as well as training institutes, colleges, and schools, and the renewable energy private sector.

Entry points for support interventions, identified through the study, include, i.e. work on national curricula for renewable energy technologies, adaptation of existing curricula, train-the-trainers programmes, or the development of course material for specific institutes. Work on accreditation of certain certificates as well as teaching standards and the promotion of gender issues in technical courses may also form part of specific interventions.

After the conceptual approaches are defined, the first intervention are currently under development. With experiences from national projects and the knowledge gathered in the thematic study, the EUEI PDF will attempt to share knowledge for example across regions. For further information, please refer to Related Publications on the right and to the Workshop on Vocational Training

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