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Science & Business Slam at the Second Stakeholder Forum of the AEEP

Science & Business Slam at the Second Stakeholder Forum of the AEEP




17 May, 2016






The Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) and the Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID), organized the first science and business slam of the AEEP at the stakeholder forum. A group of young scientists and entrepreneurs were selected by an experts’ committee to be part of the 2nd Stakeholder Forum of the AEEP. Their areas of expertise range broadly from technologies, socio-economic and environmental aspects of energy generation, and the use of business models addressing energy challenges in Africa.

In the science and business slam, the young scientists and entrepreneurs shared their work in captivating and concise 3 minute presentations. Besides ‘selling’ their ideas to a dynamic audience, they were rated by the committee members for their performance and content in particular its:

  • Relevance – necessity of the research/business in the energy sector,
  • Innovation – Uniqueness and,
  • Economic viability - Bankability of research and attractiveness of business ideas for investors.

Following the ratings by the experts committee and the forum audience, Lois Gicheru (Solafrique, Kenya) and Paul Bertheau (Reiner Lemoine Institut, Germany) were selected as the two winners of the first science and business slam of the AEEP. The performance of all participants was outstanding and enabled them to engage further with several forum participants interested in their work. Below are the profiles of the Young Scientists and Entrepreneurs, their contact details and information on their projects.

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