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Workshop on Higher Education for Renewable Energy in Africa

Workshop on Higher Education for Renewable Energy in Africa




10 July, 2014 to 11 July, 2014




East Africa


It is evident that renewable energy markets with all their benefits to energy access, a more sustainable energy supply, as well as increased generation capacities, will only develop, if the required capacities exist. Higher Education plays a key role in training the next generation of energy professionals in Africa. Engineers, as well as policy-makers need to be trained in order to plan, size, design, develop, operate, and maintain renewable energy installations at all sizes and level, as well as to develop conducive policy frameworks that promote the use of renewable energy technologies.

In order to initiate activities in the area of Higher Education, the EUEI PDF brought together more than 75 participants from more than 20 different African and several EU countries, including decision-makers from national ministries and higher education institutions, renewable energy private sector representatives, as well as international experts and cooperation partners. With the aim to exchange experiences and analyses on higher education activities, common trends and frameworks for the renewable energy market development in Africa, participants exchanged and advised on the need for support interventions; possible partners and potential activities for the RECP were identified and feedback to the RECP approach to higher education was provided.

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