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Workshop on Vocational Training for Renewable Energy

Workshop on Vocational Training for Renewable Energy




16 October, 2013 to 17 October, 2013




East Africa


The Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) aims at developing renewable energy markets in Africa. With a focus on (1) Policy Advisory Services, (2) Private Sector Cooperation, (3) Project Development and Flagship Investment Projects, it now also starts activities in the area of (4) Technology, Innovation, and Capacity Development, which includes technical and vocational training, implemented by the EUEI PDF.

The need for Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET) in the renewable energy sector in Africa is well-documented. The RECP intends to initiate support to TVET institutions - a limited number in the first instance - in order to strengthen or set up vocational training structures and institutions focussing on renewable energy to cater for the demand for technicians in the sector.

On this occasion, the RECP, under the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF), and in cooperation with Fundo de Energia (FUNAE), organised a workshop on Technical and Vocational Training and Education for the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa that took place from 16-17 October 2013 at Hotel Cardoso in Maputo, Mozambique.

More than 60 stakeholders kick-off work on vocational training under the RECP

In order to initiate activities in the area of vocational training, the EUEI PDF brought together more than 60 participants from 13 African countries as well as international experts, including decision-makers from national ministries and vocational training institutions, renewable energy and training private sector representatives, as well as international experts and cooperation partners. With the aim to exchange on vocational training activities for renewable energy market development in Africa, participants exchanged and advised on the need for support interventions, interested partners and potential activities for the RECP were identified and feedback to the RECP approach to TVET was provided.

In summary, the RECP workshop on vocational training in the sector of renewable energy in Africa has brought to the fore the following issues for the RECP:

  • An analysis of the most pressing issues related to training and renewables in Africa
  • The modalities of engagementwith the private renewable energy sector in Africa
  • Gender equality in training, in particular in technical professions such as the energy sector
  • Needs for support and possible RECP interventions for RE TVET in Africa
  • Entry and starting points for RECP activities.

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