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Policy Advisory


Policy Advisory

Policy Advisory

The RECP contributes to the improvement of energy policy and regulatory frameworks to create favourable conditions for renewable energy investment. This is a necessary prerequisite for any investment in most market segments, and it is frequently cited as one of the key remaining barriers for increased investment in renewable energy in the African context.

We deliver our support through short-term assignments, as well as through a framework contract that is currently in preparation/tendering, including:

  • support to public stakeholders to formulate or enhance specific elements of the policy and regulatory framework;
  • capacity development for public sector counterparts, e.g. through trainings;
  • exchange of information and experience, e.g. through cross-country dialogue and regional exchange visits.

Activities by the RECP in this area are based on strong public ownership, coordination with other development partners’ activities, and consultation with the stakeholders in the respective country.

Requests for support can be directed to the team via the individual team members, or through our email address

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