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Mini-Grid Legal Support to MIREME

Mini-Grid Legal Support to MIREME




1 July, 2016 to 31 December, 2017




Southern Africa


Mozambique aims to increase its access to electricity through grid extensions but also using off-grid technologies and has invited the private sector to play an active role in the process. There are a number of initiatives under preparation to invest in mini-grid electrification in Mozambique, however there is no legal framework in place for the regulation of tariffs for off-grid customers. In addition, there is no legal reference to concessions that may be required, nor is there a legal basis to apply the recently approved public-private partnership laws for rural electrification.

RECP assisted the Mozambican Ministry of Mines and Energy (MIREME) with legal assistance that helped lay the foundation for a legal framework for mini-grids in Mozambique.

The assistance was timely as there were a number of companies interested in exploring investing in mini-grid opportunities in Mozambique, provided there is a regulation that enables ‘bankable’ business models. On 28 September, a Technical Meeting was held in Maputo with Government-only participation (MIREME, MITADER, FUNAE) to discuss a draft outline of regulation for Mozambique.

The results of the technical assistance was made available as an input into a policy support intervention on feed-in-tariffs and mini-grid regulation planned by the AfDB SEFA programme.



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