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Promoting private investment in mini-hydro power: exchange between Zambia and Rwanda

Promoting private investment in mini-hydro power: exchange between Zambia and Rwanda

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16 May, 2017 to 19 May, 2017





East Africa


The Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) organised a 3-day bilateral seminar where Zambian representatives visited Rwanda to discuss how to promote the development of (off-grid) mini hydro power, specifically by means of engaging private sector investors.

The exchange responded to a request from the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) in Zambia to support the growth of the mini-hydro sector. Zambia’s electricity mix is dominated by large hydro generation accounting for about 95% of the installed power capacity, however a significant and untapped potential remains for mini and small scale hydro power. On the other hand, Rwanda demonstrated a history of successful and efficient development and operation of mini and small hydro power plants by the private sector, making it the host for this exchange.

The exchange between the respective Ministries of Energy, Electricity Regulators and Power Utilities was facilitated by the RECP Policy Advisory team and supported by the Rwandan Development Board - the government entity responsible for accelerating private investment in Rwanda, including energy projects. The programme consisted of presentations, site visits of privately managed mini hydro power plants and facilitated discussions on policy, regulation and effective implementation of the regulatory framework.

RECP plans additional targeted exchanges during 2017. It is hoped that not only will these exchanges strengthen the policy environment by sharing technical knowledge, but more importantly pave the way for long-term relationships among public institutions for a mutual benefit.



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