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Rapid Response Policy Advisory

Rapid Response Policy Advisory




1 August, 2016 to 28 February, 2018


Central Africa

East Africa


The RECP Policy Advisory Services supports sub-Saharan African countries to a more ‘renewable energy friendly’ environment by means of a service provider. This is done through a package of consultancy services, which assist countries in improving their policy approach towards private investors in the renewable energy sector.

This support could take the shape of establishing in-country dialogue through a workshop; exchanges with other countries; short-term studies; trainings; support in formulation of regulations; and assist in implementing agreed policies and regulations. Subjects can be suggested by private sector (associations) as well as public institutions and will be prioritised by RECP - amongst others -on the potential for decreasing barriers towards renewable energy investment in the country.

It is being implemented through a dedicated team of external experts, in close coordination with a local public institution which “owns” the issue, under coordination and management of the EUEI PDF.

The envisaged beneficiaries of this work are the public parties that shape/regulate the sub-Saharan renewable energy markets, by addressing key urgent policy challenges that hamper further market development.



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  • Climate Change
  • Energy Access

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