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Private Sector Cooperation


Private Sector Cooperation

Private Sector Cooperation

The RECP promotes African-European private sector cooperation and joint business development. To this end, it provides information about market opportunities, identifies specific investment projects, and supports events for information exchange, networking and match-making between market participants.

In addition, market information packages comprising “how-to” guides for project developers are being developed, most of them through a framework contract that is currently in preparation/tendering.

Information and match-making events are key activities, organised through the RECP’s partners. They provide market participants with a  unique opportunity to network, get themselves up-to-date on market trends, and benefit from structured match-making and B2B-sessions.

The RECP also organises trade missions, which have a thematic and geographic focus. The missions are open to participants from European companies, but with a limited number of available slots.

More information, as well as products and services, can be accessed through the RECP private sector portal at


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