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RECP Side Event on Africa-EU Private Sector Cooperation

RECP Side Event on Africa-EU Private Sector Cooperation




29 May, 2013




This type of activity was part of the RECP start-up phase and is now being offered under the Service Line SEADS.

In recent years, renewable energy markets have emerged in various African countries. To complement the limited delivery capacity of the public sector in renewable energy markets, the private sector, has an important role to play by employing its resources, flexibility, and entrepreneurial skills to bring about transformative action in the energy sector. 

European companies have in the last two decades developed considerable capabilities in renewable energy. In partnership with European businesses, emerging African businesses with promising renewable energy project ideas can benefit from the transfer of know-how and technologies and trigger investments in their respective countries. Local value can be created through private sector skills transfer, as well as positive effects on economic development through local assembling and manufacturing of technology. Similarly, through Africa-EU business partnerships, capital-intensive renewable energy projects can be supported by European counterparts.

While there are some existing partnerships between businesses from the two continents, there is considerable scope to expand Africa-EU business links and opportunities. Activities that contribute to an increase in business links between African and European private sector actors may for example include

  • Matchmaking between different actors
  • Alerting African and European businesses about opportunities in the renewables market
  • Organising trade missions and trade fairs for African and European businesses
  • Identification of renewable energy projects and support (“handholding”) e.g. with business plans, early-stage project preparation, etc.
  • Market research, e.g. through technology or sub-sector/market studies, value chain analyses, etc.

To discuss the types of support interventions necessary to foster an active exchange and linking of African and European private sectors actors, as well to show some of the positive examples where European and African actors have successfully worked together, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) organised a side event during the Vienna Energy Forum 2013, jointly with the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), and stakeholders from the Environment and Energy Partnership (EEP), supported by Austria and Finland.



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