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The EUEI PDF offers Strategic Energy Advisory and Dialogue Services (SEADS) to support the development and improvement of energy policies, strategies and regulations in order to create an enabling environment for sustainable energy investments.

The EUEI PDF has been a pioneer in supporting policy change to create favourable frameworks for sustainable energy market development in developing countries. With a wide range of experience collected over the past decade, the EUEI PDF team supports national and municipal governments as well as regional organisations by offering the following types of activities under this service line:

  • Advisory services for the drafting and implementation of energy policies, regulations, laws and strategies
  • Support for the establishment and/or strengthening of energy specific institutions e.g. rural electrification agencies, centres for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Capacity building to establish the knowledge and skills needed for local development of energy policies and institutions
  • Knowledge sharing of best practices and tools through thematic studies and dialogue events

Relevant government authorities from low and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Latin America can request assistance under SEADS. Please approach us via our contact form.


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