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Capacity Assessment for Scaling Up Access to Modern Energy

Capacity Assessment for Scaling Up Access to Modern Energy




1 November, 2010 to 1 July, 2011




East Africa


The Regional Strategy on Scaling up Access to Modern Energy Services was adopted by the East African Community (EAC) in 2006 to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It commits EAC partner countries on four targets, i.e. providing access to (1) modern cooking practices, (2) reliable electricity in urban and peri-urban areas, (3) modern energy for social institutions, and (4) modern energy for productive use.

The Strategy further identified a supportive and facilitative role of the regional level through the EAC Secretariat. Between 2008 and 2011, several efforts have been made to initiate implementation of the Strategy at regional level. The capacity assessment/capacity development assignment was initiated by EAC and its partners EUEI PDF, GIZ and UNDP to overcome perceived and stated weaknesses for implementation of the Strategy. The capacity assessment was meant to verify and (re)define the role of the EAC secretariat in fostering the implementation of the Strategy, to assess existing and set out required capacities to live up to this role, to root both aspects in a thorough round of stakeholder consultations, and to come up with realistic, tangible and attractive recommendations for subsequent capacity development measures. The Capacity Assessment process, mainly supported by EUEI PDF, consisted of three phases:

1. Consensus building and scoping: Team/Partner Kick-off Workshop in Nairobi in September 2010 and a Stakeholder Kick-off Workshop in Kampala in January 2011

2. Capacity Assessment: Interviews with stakeholders at regional and national level followed by a draft Capacity Assessment report. The report was verified by a Stakeholder Workshop in Kigali in May 2011. The report required a major rewriting effort based on comments received at the Kigali workshop between May and September.

3. Decision: by EAC on which of the proposed Capacity Development scenarios to implement (including a decision by donors on which activities they will support).



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