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Energy Security Indicators for the Pacific (III)

Energy Security Indicators for the Pacific (III)




1 September, 2013 to 30 September, 2016




In 2009, a review of the Pacific regional energy programme identified a lack of vision and leadership in the energy sector. In response to this review, the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific (FAESP) was developed in 2010 to replace the Pacific Islands Energy Policy of 2004. The FAESP puts forth a vision of an Energy Secure Pacific where all people have access to sufficient and sustainable sources of clean and affordable energy services to enhance their social and economic well-being.

Upon request of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in 2011, the EUEI PDF supported the FAESP development by identifying baseline energy security indicators in the SPC Island Countries. The EUEI PDF provided hands-on-training for SPC staff with regard to data collection and analysis, and the calculation of the actual energy security indicators for the publishing of the first baseline survey.

Two years after the definition of the indicators and a respective trial during the baseline survey, the need to review and improve the indicators as well as collect new data was identified. In light of the good cooperation in the past, EUEI PDF was approached by SPC to support a follow-on activity.

The subsequent EUEI PDF activities included support in reviewing the existing energy security indicators as well as updating respective data for all 14 Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs), which now serve to monitor and analyse trends in energy security development in the region and feed into a larger data repository for the region which is currently under development.

The EUEI PDF supported the establishment of training courses and practical workshops on the ground which underpinned the new framework policy and provided local administrations with the skillsets and the confidence to deliver on the vision offered in the framework agreement. 

Frank Vukikomoala, of the Economic Energy Division of SPC, said: “The role provided by EUEI PDF has been very crucial as an enabler in progressing the implementation of energy policy related activities in the region via the timeliness in supporting SPC through funding of priority project activities.” He added: “The workshops and training courses facilitated or provided the medium for which country stakeholders could get together to share discussion in addressing policy related issues and access to energy data and information.” Furthermore, he highlighted the role the EUEI PDF has played in supporting the establishment of the Pacific Regional Data Repository for the SE4All, a one-stop shop for energy data and information in the Pacific region. “The EUEI PDF has been crucial in increasing awareness into the buy-in of the initiative in each of the countries as well as strengthening the SPC role as the interim Host for the Pacific Regional Data Repository (PRDR)”, Frank Vukikomoala said.

The outline of the PRDR is online available and has attracted a lot of attention. The Caribbean Community and Common Market has signalled interest in developing a similar format for the Caribbean region.

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