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Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Tanzania

Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Tanzania




1 March, 2012 to 30 April, 2014




East Africa


Wood energy demand accounts for approximately 90% of Tanzania’s overall energy demand. Almost 90% of that demand comes from the household sector, with the remainder coming from household enterprises (often referred to as cottage industries), commercial, institutional and some industrial demand.

The BEST Tanzania project was designed to engage stakeholders to develop a two-year action plan to address key issues in the biomass energy sector, particularly deforestation and degradation caused by charcoal and commercial wood fuel production.

At the request of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), the EUEI PDF supported this project with the following objectives:

  • identify means of ensuring a more sustainable supply of biomass energy;
  • raise the efficiency with which biomass energy is produced and utilised,
  • promote access to alternative energy sources where appropriate and affordable and
  • ensure an enabling institutional environment for implementation.

The implementation started in July 2012; the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) and the consultants met a well-functioning BEST steering committee with a wide range of stakeholders from Government, the private sector, various institutions and the civil society. The parliamentary stakeholder meeting took place in June 2013. The final stakeholder consultation meeting was held in December 2013.

A national BEST Communication Strategy was developed and used to help build awareness and a common understanding of issues in the biomass energy sector and to provide the media with information for public dissemination. Also, a National BEST Tanzania Action Plan was developed that recommended biomass energy policy, supply-side and demand-side actions to be initiated in the two years following the BEST Tanzania Project, with a long-term view to the year 2030.


The outputs from the BEST Tanzania were developed to be used by Ministries, local governments at all levels, other central government bodies, NGOs and the private sector active in the biomass energy sector. The EUEI PDF is pursuing the actual use of BEST Tanzania within the Tanzanian public authorities.



  • Energy Access
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy

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