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Development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy

Development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy




1 July, 2012 to 14 June, 2013




Southeast Asia


Cambodia's infrastructure, including the power sector, was severely damaged by years of war. After restoration of order in the country, the Government has followed a program focused on rehabilitation and development of the basic infrastructure, with the aim of improving the socio - economic conditions for further steps of development. At the moment Cambodia does not have a policy or strategy for Energy Efficiency in place to contain energy consumption while increasing energy availability. Therefore, the Cambodian Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy (MIME) requested EUEI PDF to support Cambodia in the development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy, Strategy and Action plan.

The project began with stakeholder meetings, data collection and a review of existing technical studies. Based on this analysis, the priority sub-sectors selected in coordination with MIME included industry, buildings, end-user products, rural electricity supply and biomass. For each sub-sector, a plan of action was developed. An inception workshop with participation of representatives from relevant ministries, the private sector and other non-state actors the preliminary findings were presented. Based on their feedback, the National Energy Efficiency Policy together with Strategy and Action Plan was drafted, which included detailed short, medium and long-term activities in the various sectors.

The immediate result of this project was to stimulate discussion amongst the public and private sectors, civil society and development partner stakeholders about the realistic potential energy efficiency savings and the potential role of the respective stakeholders. As a result, the significant potential of energy efficiency for Cambodia, and the means of realizing its potential, has risen up the agenda within the country. This was underlined by the presence of H.E. Suy Sem, Minister of Energy, during the Final Workshop in April 2013 with 150 participants as well as substantial media coverage.

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