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Energy efficiency in the industrial sector: development of a roadmap

Energy efficiency in the industrial sector: development of a roadmap




1 August, 2017 to 30 March, 2018




Latin America


The Energy Transition Law of Mexico has been in force since December 2015. It establishes a set of actions on energy efficiency (EE) that have to be implemented by the government. In particular, the Law indicates that Conuee (Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía) is responsible for the definition of country targets on energy efficiency (EE) and the development of a roadmap to reach these targets.

Conuee has already carried out an analysis of previous energy efficiency programmes in Mexico and has defined guidelines for the development of a roadmap. Nevertheless, Mexico lacks the necessary experience in defining concrete targets, incentives and regulations for energy efficiency, and in setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.

Within this project, the EUEI PDF, with contributions from the German Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ), supports Conuee in developing a roadmap on energy efficiency in the industrial sector. The general objective of this project is to strengthen public energy policy instruments aimed at promoting energy efficiency in the industry with a scheme based on incentives and requirements. In order to do this, the project will support the CONUEE to:

  • Develop a Roadmap for Energy Efficiency in Industry in accordance with the Energy Transition Law; including prioritised sector and sub-sectors, efficiency measures and public policy instruments to facilitate the implementation;
  • Prepare a guide of good practices for the implementation of participatory processes in the development of energy efficiency public sector policies;
  • Create and consolidate an inter-institutional working group on energy modelling and energy efficiency forecasting.

In order to achieve this, three workshops will be organized with the participation of the industrial sector and the public sector, as well as input from academia and civil society to complement the Roadmap and validate the proposed instruments to promote energy efficiency.

The roadmap on energy efficiency is a key element to achieve Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which aim to reduce emissions on 22% by 2030, with the industrial sector alone expected to achieve 5% of reduction. The project will contribute directly to Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) 9 (sustainable industrialisation), 13 (climate change), as well as 7 (sustainable energy) by reducing energy consumption. It will indirectly support SDG5 on gender equality as well as SDG8 on economic growth by improving industry competitiveness, mainly of SMEs.

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