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Energy Strategy and Action Plan

Energy Strategy and Action Plan




1 November, 2009 to 1 April, 2011




East Africa


The crisis that has been affecting Burundi since 1993 led to the destruction of vital infrastructure in the country; the energy sector, particularly had been hit hard. The embargo imposed on Burundi since 1996 and the scarceness of foreign currency led to pauperisation of the population as well as to a lack of investment in new projects.

Burundi developed a sector policy for the Ministry of Energy and Mines in 2006 which covered the period up to 2009. This policy had to be updated and amended by a sector strategy as well as an investment plan. The new sector policy needed to take into account the domestic situation and at the same time integrate the energy strategy developed at the regional level with the East African Community.

The objective of the project was to assist the Ministry of Energy and Mines in the development of a national policy for the energy sector as well as an implementation strategy and investment plan. All of the above had to be fully aligned with the PRSP of Burundi («Cadre Stratégique de la Lutte contre la Pauvreté»), the MDGs and the Burundi Vision 2025.

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