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Regional Energy Access Strategy and Action Plan

Regional Energy Access Strategy and Action Plan




1 March, 2009 to 1 April, 2010


South Africa


Southern Africa


The SADC Energy Protocol signed in 1996 in Lesotho, recognises the need for a coordinated approach to energy strategy formulation and planning for the SADC region. In view of this recognition, EUEI PDF was requested by the SADC Secretariat to assist in the development of a Regional Strategy for Energy Access and a respective Action Plan for implementation of the strategy.
EUEI PDF supported the secretariat of SADC (Southern African Development Community) in the preparation of a regional energy strategy and action plan for improved access to energy. The strategy identifies key regional actors and activities across the region. EUEI PDF funded a study that was implemented by Economic Consulting Associates. The resulting strategy has been adopted by SADC energy ministers.


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