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Building Energy Access Markets

Building Energy Access Markets

Building Energy Access Markets – A Value Chain Analysis of Energy Market Systems




1 May, 2013 to 1 December, 2014


The development of energy service markets plays a crucial role towards increasing energy access worldwide in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The study Building Energy Access Markets, developed jointly by Practical Action Consulting (PAC) and EUEI PDF, was initiated with the aim of designing a new framework to systematically and comprehensively analyse and assess decentralised energy service markets. This framework is aimed at development professionals at policy and practitioner level, as well as the interested public. It can be applied to a number of energy market sectors, including:

  • electricity mini-grids,
  • solar PV lanterns,
  • solar PV home systems,
  • biomass cook stoves and fuels,
  • LPG stoves and fuels.

The framework allows development practitioners to analyse energy market systems and develop effective interventions for supporting particular energy market segments in particular countries. On the basis of a uniform analytical framework, value chains across different market segments can be analysed and compared, and differences and similarities, comparative strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities for strategic synergies can be identified.

It also provides tailored guidance on improving energy markets to increase energy access, investment and growth in a sustainable and efficient manner. In addition, the presented approach aims to help the relevant stakeholders improve the coordination of their efforts, particularly in relation to the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative’s goal of providing universal energy access for all by 2030.

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