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Energy and Cities in Development Cooperation

Energy and Cities in Development Cooperation




11 May, 2015




In light of rapid urbanisation, cities face enormous challenges in meeting the energy needs of their residents, enterprises and institutions. Energy is vital for urban economic growth and job creation as well as for the provision of social and public services. Sustainable energy provision must consider affordability, stability of supply, social acceptance, and environmental aspects, in particular greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

These challenges at the same time present vast opportunities for innovation, business development and investment. On the road to the COP21 in Paris and the adoption of the SDG’s, and in view of the on-going SE4ALL initiative, cities and municipalities around the world have a crucial role to play in promoting solutions for sustainable urban energy supply and energy efficiency.

In the light of these trends the 2015 EUEI PDF´s Discussion Forum 2015 brought together practitioners from the European Institutions, EU Member States, global urban initiatives, development agencies, civil society and private sector to debate over the broad topic of cooperation in field of energy for development. The forum engaged speakers and audience in a comprehensive debate focused on the following questions:

  • How can urban energy needs be met in a sustainable way?

  • What is the role of cities and municipalities in urban energy management and governance?

  • How can city partnerships as well as north-south dialogue and cooperation contribute?

  • How can development partners effectively support municipalities and stakeholders?


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