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Low Cost Grid Electrification Technologies

Low Cost Grid Electrification Technologies




1 November, 2012 to 1 February, 2015


Electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest among all regions of the world and 500 million people are living without this basic service. The traditional methods used by power utilities have been based on technologies that have been developed for more concentrated loads of much higher magnitude. Such practices have resulted in high cost solutions.

The EUEI PDF in cooperation with the Africa Electrification Initiative (AEI) therefore carried out a project aiming at identification of innovative, low-cost electrification approaches and dissemination of this information, towards supporting governments and rural electrification agencies in Sub-Sahara Africa in order to optimize the application of available funds leading to increased access to electricity.

Specific objectives were:

  • Assessment and collection of existing knowledge and know-how on low costs electrification technologies.
  • Development of a number of feasibility level case studies, so that governments and Rural Electrification Agencies in SSA will be able to optimize the application of available funds for electrification leading to increased access numbers.
  • Diffusion of knowledge and know-how amongst energy practitioners through workshops in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The first workshop took place on 3-4 September 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania; followed by a second workshop aimed and practitioners from Francophone countries on 19-20 March 2014 in Cotonou, Benin. The handbook, published in April 2015, can be downloaded here. It is designed for experts in utilities, rural energy agencies and development partners active in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.


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